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Zelka.bg Wants To Be Your Personal Organic Farm

Do you want to know for sure how your vegetables and fruits аre grown? Be hundred percent sure about the quality of food you put on your table? Zelka.bg is the first local farm that gives you a hundred percent assurance that the food you will bring to your family is not treated with chemicals and nasty fertilizers and is absolutely clean and organic. We want to be your personal farm.

We are not a regular product sellers though. We do not sell our vegetables at shops or markets. Instead we have decided to deliver your weekly need of fresh and seasonal produce directly to your door for free. Yes, for free.

But let us explain in detail how it works.

You have two seasonal packages to choose from. One package is predefined which means that we decided how much vegetables and fruits to go in it. The other options is our “Personalised Package” - you decide what products and how much of them to put in the package.

After you choose one of the options, we start delivering. Since we only grow our products seasonably, at first (April and May) you will get regular deliveries of green salads, fresh onion, fresh garlic or radish. Later on you will get cucumbers, zucchinis, early potatoes, tomatoes, etc.

Whatever package you choose 15 deliveries to your address from 10 of April till midst of October. If you want, you are free to choose how much of what we deliver you. We have built a very customer friendly web application where you can track your deliveries record, when the next one will be, what will you get and how much of it. You will be able to change dates or hours of deliveries, as well as the products you get (but you can only choose from what we have in our farm at the moment - we cannot deliver you tomatoes in april or green salad in august).

Why are working like this?

We have chosen to use this package system because we believe that this is the future. Only by engaging in the food you eat, before it was grown, you can truly guarantee yourself you will get what you want. Knowing what we need to produce in advance gives us the chance to highly optimize our work, as well as put the best practices we know of. As a result you get top quality food, for a good price and you do not have to think about transportation.

Who can benefit from our farm?

This offer is directed to everybody in the Veliko Tarnovo region (Veliko Tarnovo, Arbanasi, Malki Chiflik, Belyakovets, Ledenik, Prisovo, Debelets, Pushevo and others) - doesn’t matter English or Bulgarian. Our terms are equal to all people, as well as our prices and attitude. We do not care what language you speak, our goal is to provide you top product and top service.

How much it costs?

“Family” - fixed package (detailed package info download from here)

The fixed package right now costs only 486 lv. (647,50 original price), since we offer two discounts:

  1. There is a 20% discount if your order a package till 15 of April

  2. There is a 5% discount if you pay the whole amount in advance, after you order the package.

We believe that this is a really fair price for the service we deliver, since if you spread it by the time you will get all those vegetables and fruits, you get a price of approximately 80 lv. per month.

Personalised Package - you chose what you want and how much you want (you can use our Google Sheets Calculator to make a package of your own and then send it us)

The personalised package does not have a set price since it is up to you how much products you will chose. There is a minimum price to make an order though and it is 400 lv.

Since there is a discount for this option too, right now you can get up to 17.5% off the price. In other words, if since the minimum order price is 400 lv. you can make an order for 485 lv. and you will only have to pay 400 lv.

You can use this Google Sheets Calculator we built to make a package that suits your taste best.


This is a important issue and we know that it is not easy to trust someone, especially to produce something in advance. Which is why we guarantee you that you will get your money back in case something happens to our farm (bad weather, fire or any other kind of problem that is out of our hands to control).

In case you think that part of the products we have delivered to you are not okay, you can signal us through our web app and we will compensate you with new ones on the next delivery.

How delivery works?

We do deliveries by ourselves entirely. We do not use transport services, it is us who show at your door, who drive the bus, who put all the products in your basket and get it to your door. Therefore it is us who is responsible for everything and if a tomato is hurt, you would know who's fault it is and we will compensate your for that.

Another benefit is that through our web application you can track your deliveries by day and hour. You will know at approximately what time you will get the fresh basket of seasonal veggies and precisely what it will include. And if, let's say, you do not need that much tomatoes for the next week, since you are travelling, you can inform us in advance and we will bring to you just what you need.

Why do we open our business to Veliko Tarnovo now?

Zelka.bg is operating on the Bulgarian market for three years now, but so far we have only worked for Sofia. This is the first time we decide to open our business to the region where we actually work, since our farm is located nearby Byala Cherkva (5 km. away from Pavlikeni).

We do it, since we believe that we there are people living here, who also realize the importance of having good food on the table. We have done it for hundreds of people in Sofia, we can do it here too.

How can I order and when?

You can order anytime you want and use which way is most comfortable for you:

1. Email us at [email protected]

2. Contact us via our Facebook Page

3. Or simply give us a call at 0877566466 (in case you want to configure your own package, you will have to send us the table with contents by e-mail).


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